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Planet Earth, Your Home Our World

Welcome to Planet Earth, a perfect combination of amenities and uncompromising hospitality.It has the tranquility and beauty of a tropical landscaped setting,designed to create a truly memorable experience for you, every time.

The Planet Earth Boarding and Loding  offers 35 large and well equipped rooms, including A/C and Non A/C lurxurious rooms. The rooms are designed with a sense of openness, warm textures and lighting along with exquisite gardens and beautiful water features.

Planet Earth epitomizes the splendours of nature and is a tribute to the beautiful city of Bengaluru. The concept of the hotel is inspired by the magnificent gardens of this city.

So pick your favorite of the 35 rooms and suites. Each has a luxurious bathroom, contemporary furniture and a vibrant colour scheme that emphasize the modern, yet warm, appeal of the interior.


  • The best place to relax

    With a prime location, there is no better place to relax after hard days of working. A spectacular view is complemented by the stunning new bars, and beautifully restored historic building. Relaxed welcoming service, great food, cold beer, and an impeccable wine list, make Hotel the perfect place to stop. Tastefully appointed, air-conditioned accommodation, makes it the perfect place to stay.